The Difference in Mouth guards

For some people, getting a mouth guard, either to help with biting, or with playing sports so that you don’t wreck your teeth, is something that many people do choose to consult. But often, some do want to know if over the counter mouth guards or your professional mouth guards that are custom made are better for you. well, this article will give you the lowdown on whether you should go to your Kennewick dentist for a mouth guard, or just get one over the counter to help with this.

Now, an over-the-counter mouth guard is typically what many athletes use when they’re playing sports, and it does help with grinding teeth during the night. They’re both made of plastic, but while a sport mouth guard is thicker and way more brittle, the mouth guards that are used to help with grinding have a thinner plastic that is better for a wider variety of people to use. The over-the-counter ones typically come in a smooth packaging with a u-shaped tray to help cover the top row to help with the teeth not grinding against one another. It has to be fitted to your teeth before it’s comfortable though.

Typically, in order to get it fitted to your mouth, you have to boil the tray in boiling water until it’s malleable, and then put it on your mouth. You can then use it and adjust as needed to make it more comfortable.

The efficiency of them does depend on a few things. It does matter how intensely you grind, the outside force that will be applied to your face, the thickness of the guard itself, whether it was molded right once you boiled it, the ability for it to stay on the teeth even when open, and if a sleeper can dislodge it during the night. now remember that protecting your teeth with this is better than not protecting them at all. You should however make sure that it can’t be dislodged, since that can not protect your teeth then. Also, if you clench your teeth hard, you might bite through the plastic and break the mouth guard, leaving the teeth unprotected. If you do that, you should look to a custom-fit one. These also break down faster over the course of a few months as well.


Now a custom one is created by a thermoplastic and is based on a mold you’ll have taken of your mouth by the dentist. These are personalized in that you can adjust the thickness depending on ow your grind and bleach your teeth, and they can fit into your mouth with no further adjustments necessary. Often, custom mouth guards are made for teeth grinding or extreme sports, and they are each created differently. They’re typically fitted for the upper teeth, but can be used for the bottom as well. With this, it’s extremely customized, meaning that none are the same, and they do give you total protection of your teeth.

These are definitely better for the more extreme cases since they’re not rivaled by any of the over-the-counter ones, and because of how snug they are, you can’t pop these out. They also can be made thicker or thinner depending on how much pressure you put on your jaw. Typically, they are very durable and won’t lose shape. Some might even last years depending on the wear and tear, and its’ great for those who do it in their sleep, since your mouth isn’t changing as much.

You should bring these to your dental visits each time though, because occasionally stuff can shift. Also, it’s important to note the price as well. Because they have more depth to them, you’ll probably need to have anywhere from 100-700 dollars for the guard itself, depending on what you’ll use it for and the material needed, and how thick it is. But for extreme cases, this is the way to go.

Mouth guards can really help you with any sports and fitness, but also for personal reasons. If you think this is the right system for you, do talk to your Kennewick dentist to see if you should get one that is custom, or more general for your own personal special needs.


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